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The splash


Print on natural cotton paper 

Edition of 3 + 2 a.p. – 2016


After many years working as the cameraman for artists like Melanie Smith and Francis Alys, among others, the filmmaker Julien Devaux throws himself “Into the pool” of Contemporary Art with a peculiar playfulness and sense of humor. As his first action -the first step of a Rite of Passage sort of speak-, the filmmaker Julien Devaux places himself in front of a fixed camera, which provides a sense of pictorial composition to the shot and frames the subsequent actions. “The Splash” is a picture taken from the video “Into the pool”, both art pieces emulate a film in which the legendary Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader rides his bike in Amsterdam. It is worth to notice that all of Devaux artworks point in a mischievous yet natural way to specific moments in Art History. 

Maria Virginia Juau

Project Details

Date: January 11, 2023

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