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La trayectoria de un cuerpo aparentemente blando se dispara desde el borde de un muro hasta azotar el piso.

El sonido es seco, la caída ha sido dura. Uno a uno, sumándose en un constante apilamiento, va formando de a pocos un elemento colosal que paulatinamente bloquea la vista.
Tatacuá  “Totem contemporaneo” articula un juego visual a partir de la materialidad, a la vez místico y no, construyendo lo masivo desde la ligereza.

An apparently soft body is thrown over the edge of a tall wall, the end of its trajectory being the solid floor. The impact is hard, accompanied by a thud. Short after, the first object is followed by many more. One by one, they stack up forming a colossal body that gradually starts blocking the viewer’s sight.

“Tatacuá” is a totemic deity from the Contemporary age. It represents the imposing mass as an entity, clearly endorsed by its phisical weight. This image creates a visual ploy with a second artwork called “Into the Void”, which epitomizes the idea of weightlessness.

Lorena Morena Vera

70×50 cm 

Print on natural cotton paper

Edition of 3 + 2 a.p. -© Julien Devaux 2018

Project Details

Date: August 28, 2019

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