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Video Installation, Hd/3d ( looped 17’) – Wooden Box and Ipod Touch

Edition of 3 + 2 a.p. – 2015



“Chichis” is a colloquial term in French that means “churros”.

“Chichis” is a word from Mexican slang meaning “breasts”.

Some years ago I was driving my motorbike back home from a very intense video shoot in Paris, when I decided to stop and grab a bite at one of the restaurants in the Belleville

neighborhood. It was quite late, so I ordered a Pho soup in the last one that was opened.

I was in the middle of my dinner when I caught myself thinking fondly of my Mexican girlfriend because there was a churro stall across the street with a very luminous sign

reading “CHICHIS”. 

Laughing myself to death, I went out of the restaurant and bought that shiny sign. 

Julien Devaux 

(This piece is an artwork that develops two contrasting experiences. On one hand, “CHICHIS” aims to provide the viewer with the feeling of becoming a voyeur through a video

displayed inside a little wallbox. And on the other hand, it gives the spectator the chance to be surpassed and overwhelmed by femininity through the contemplation of a huge Gobelins tapestry. Both contrasting experiences are enhanced by the two different materials: the RGB lights on the screen and the weaving of colorful threads.)

Project Details

Date: January 11, 2023

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